August's Musical Life in Hoorn

August and his wife spent the rest of their lives in Hoorn, and became firmly knit into the city's daily life and economy. August became a naturalized citizen of the Netherlands on December 31st 1876, exactly 125 years before this webpage was written.

He had multitudinous duties. In addition to his role as City Music Master in Hoorn and leader of the band of the Civic Guard which gave weekly concerts, he played the organ for services at the Groote Kerk, organized and directed a men's chorus, "Sappho," and taught both at the local high school and through private lessons. One of his greatest pupils was Messchaert, the leading Dutch baritone of the turn of the century, who became a teacher and singer of great renown throughout Europe. At the same time August carried out an abundant correspondence with colleagues throughout Europe, frequently went to music conventions, and had colleagues as guests in his home. And he travelled North to Enkhuizen regularly to provide music there.

He was called upon to select or compose music for every civic occasion imaginable. The little melody that played at the opening page of this website is from his "Fruhlingslied," an incidental piano piece which he composed. In the days before recordings and CD's these activities meant a steady round of work, day-in day-out, throughout the year.

On the right is an image of his contract for City Music Master, executed in Hoorn on the 14 of June, 1862, and effective the 1st of July. His salary was 400 guilders per year, an excellent sum at the time.

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