The House in Hoorn

In the center of the photo, at the corner of Appelsteeg, is the house at Number 339 Appelhaven
where the Utermohlen family lived, and where the "Hoorn" children were born. You can catch a glimpse of this house if you go to the Hoorn homepage,, click on "De Stad" (the City), then on "Stadsplattegrond" (City Map), then on "Binnenstad" (Inner City), and then on the tiny pair of binoculars on the map next to the canal marked Appelhaven. A panoramic view of the area will pop up, and you can 'turn around' 360 degrees until you come to a glimpse of the house behind a huge tree!

The size of the house can be judged by the size of the front door -- the Utermohlens were very tall.

The house is now occupied by a physicians' office.

Copyright V. Utermohlen
Updated December 30th, 2001.