H. F. A. Utermohlen in Oldenburg

We do not know where August Utermohlen undertook his early studies, but we do know that he studied French and English as well as German - I have his schoolboy copy of Shakespeare's "Julius Ceasar" and "The Tempest." At some point he also learned Latin, Greek, and Hebrew, and could read and write all of these languages fluently.

He moved to Oldenburg, where he studied music under professors Pott, Baumbergen, Heimburg, and Rothe, as was noted in one of his obituaries. He learned not only piano and organ, but also violin, 'cello, voice, and conducting. As an organist he was required to improvise, which he did with great pleasure and ease.

At age 26, he was described as a musician in the paper granting him the status of burgher of Oldenburg. This permit, dated May 18th, 1855, is reproduced here. An Oldenburg passport which gave him permission to travel in Germany and England describes him as 5'11" tall, slender, blond, with blue-green eyes.

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Updated December 29th, 2001.