Obituary for August Utermohlen

The report on the funeral of HFA Utermohlen, from Het Orgel, the monthly magazine of the Netherlands Organization of Organists.

Here is a translation of the beginning of this notice:

"It will seem strange to many faithful attendants at our organist meetings, to no longer see the friendly and welcoming face of one of our most faithful. After an illness of barely ten days, death made an end to the life of this devoted servant of the art.

Heinrich Friedrich August Utermohlen passed gently away at 1 in the afternoon, on the 31st of May - the death day of Joseph Haydn. For nearly 40 years he led the musical life of Hoorn, honoring the grand masters of composition, and -- which says even more -- understanding them.

Born on the 11th of June in Nienburg-an-den-Weser, he began his musical education in Oldenburg under professors Pott, Baumbergen, Heimburg, and Rothe. In 1861 he was named organist in Franeker, and a year later, June 26th 1862, to organist and music drector in Hoorn, where he worked with notable success until January 1st 1900, when I had the honor to succeed him. He took leave of "Sappho" with the oratorio "Paulus," while his last concert took place last December 9th, when, at the age of nearly 75 years, he gave a beautiful performance of Beethoven's First Piano Concerto. Little did we know at the time that this respected artist had played for us for the last time.


J. van Dissel"

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Updated December 30th, 2001.