Global Tea Initiative Workshop Layout

VUL's Taste Science

At VUL's Taste Science we're about appreciating the sensations that taste & flavor give us in all their aspects: how we understand them, experience them, and express them.
The focus: TEA & WINE!

People at Workshop
People experiencing teas at one of my World Tea Expo workshops.

What I Do

  • Explore tea!
  • Explore wine!
  • Create fun experiments!
  • Give workshops!
  • Write books!
  • Stream on Twitch!


A Few Accomplishments

Best of Tea Award, World Tea Expo 2020

So proud that The Scents of Tea kit won the 2020 Best of Tea Award at World Tea Expo — I was the scientist and writer for the kit, while Scott Svihula of Hula Consulting turned the kit into a reality.
Complete kits have sold out, but some elements of the kits are still available.

I started streaming on my Twitch Channel, vul100, at the end of May 2020 when the pandemic starting to really take off. While my original intention was to stream about taste and flavor, beverages and food, I've also gone into topics like the Perseid meteors (I love astronomy) and the sounds that can be heard inside Neolithic structures (I love archeology and music), and what these sounds create in the brain (I love neurobiology, too!).
This picture is a screenshot from my series on the Japanese Tea Ceremony, that I've just turned into my fourth book about tea, "A Nerd Contemplates the Japanese Tea Ceremony."